How do I include a Dappre Social Icon on my website?

Including the Dappre Social Icon on your website is the fastest way for your visitors to connect to your organisation! Clicking the Dappre Social Icon brings your visitors to the Dappre Connect Page on Scanning the QR code on the webpage, or clicking the connect button if they are on a phone, is all your visitors have to do to connect to your organisation. Try it by clicking the Dappre Social Icon in the footer at the bottom of this page!

Add the Dappre Social Icon to your website

  • Download the Dappre Social Icon from our Dappre Brand Guidelines page
  • Ask your webmaster to place the icon on your website

Link the icon to the Connect page on with the QR code/connect button

  • Log in to DappreConnect
  • Create a QR code (if you haven’t done so already) and click save
  • Scroll down and look for the Dappre Connect-page URL link, the Connect-page currently supports 2 languages
  • Click the ‘Copy English URL’ or ‘Copy Dutch URL’ button to copy the link
  • Send the link(s) to your webmaster
  • Ask your webmaster to add the link to the Dappre Social Icon


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