What is DappreConnect?

DappreConnect is a web based service that allows organisations to create and maintain a Dappre contact card. Individuals can connect to an organisation in a similar way as to individuals – by scanning a QR code or by clicking a connect button on a website on their phone.

An organisation card created in DappreConnect is a special kind of Dappre card: it shows a checkmark to the right of the organisations’ name! The icon indicates the name on the card has been verified. You can click on the icon to see the verfication details.

In order to use DappreConnect, organisations first go through a verification process performed by DigitalMe. They also sign a contract that says they will adhere to and comply with the Qiy Trust Principles.

If you are interested in using DappreConnect for your organisation, please take a look at the Dappre Business page or contact us to get started.


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