How do I add a personal card?

Open Dappre and go to your list of “Connections”. The top part shows the cards that you create.

To add a new card tap the 3 dots near the right-hand corner. Then choose “My cards”. Again tap the 3 dots near the right-hand corner and choose “Add card”. Give your new card a unique name that describes the general purpose for that card, like “Friends”, “Work” or “Family”. This name is not visible to your Connections. Fill the card however you want. Tap ‘Save’, and it’s ready for use!

Whenever you make a new connection, you will be asked to choose which card you want to share. Of course it’s possible to share multiple cards (or stop sharing cards) with a connection at a later point. You do this by navigating to your list of Connections. Tap on a person or organisation, tap the options menu and choose ‘Cards shared by you’.

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