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A secure and easy way to connect with

1-on-1 by Dappre
according to your terms & conditions

Based on Qiy Trust Principles

Privacy and security by design


If you change your information, these changes are automatically distributed in your network.


Why Dappre?

By using Dappre, you create a new social network. A network where you are in control of your own data. You become the center of your own network.

From this center you can connect to individuals and organisations, all according to the Qiy Trust Principles.

What is Dappre?

  • Secure exchange of (personal) information
  • Connect easy, secure and fast to contacts
  • Trust 1-on-1 connection
  • Up-to-date information from your network
  • Encrypted messaging
  • Address book integration (iOS)
  • Free!


in control of what you share with whom

logging in with your phone

Allow others to subscribe to your data under your conditions

Attention Controls enable you to inform an organisation in your network what kind of information you want to receive, through which trusted channel and how often.

Attention Controls

Multiple cards

With Dappre you are in control of what data you share with whom. Therefore we are working hard to have multiple cards available for you, so you can decide what data you want to share with your connections.

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