Make your digital card smart!

Digital cards are the start of a meaningful and loyal relationship between fans and customers and the organisations and brands of their choice.

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Reach 350,000 Dutch consumers

Dappre is the groundbreaking cards app that offers consumers convenience and benefits while respecting their privacy. By 2020, we will be breaking through the 350,000 user barrier in the Netherlands. In order to achieve this goal, we are working together with strategic partners, including VVV Nederland.

Dappre is a new
and unique
communication channel

Improve efficiency

People use Dappre so that they always have their cards, such as loyalty cards, gift cards, member cards, vouchers, tickets and theme cards, at hand and can use them 'smartly'.

Smart means that cards can be enriched with current balances/points, online and offline spending locations and relevant offerings.

Smart also means that cards are the starting point of a direct communication channel between card issuer and user, where the user remains in control and can profile himself anonymously(!) to receive relevant messages and offers.

the new revenue model

By making cards 'smart', new service, business and earning models are created! Each card in Dappre can transform into a unique communication channel between card issuer and user. The publisher of the card is in charge of the channel and the users themselves decide where, when and how often they want to receive content.

The revenues quickly exceed the costs of content production and the communication channel itself.

We like to think along with you about your unique communication channel and the possibilities in terms of new service, business and revenue models!

extra functionality

Gift card

extra functionality

Loyalty card

extra functionality

Membership card

Your physical or virtual card as a logical starting point for a 1‑to‑1 relationship with your target group

As soon as consumers add your card to their Dappre app, unique (commercial) opportunities arise for you as a card issuer.

Users appreciate the smart and convenient services behind the card and are encouraged to start with your customer or gift card and actively use it.

You have the possibility to develop your own service and revenue models behind your own card.

Offer your card in Dappre today

Making a digital card 'smart' in Dappre is extraordinarily simple. Especially if you already use the services of Intersolve, Blackhawk Network or 123TCS for your card. Dappre has certified connections to these transaction processors, so we can add your card to Dappre safely and quickly. In this way your card comes to the attention on a daily basis, because you show the current balance, transaction overview, locations and - if desired - your own content behind the card.

Intersolve 123TCS Blackhawk Network

Add your card now

Your content in Dappre

Commercial offers, news, tips and information with respect for the user's privacy

Your content (ad) is visible behind your own card and behind cards of which you are an acceptor, such as VVV Gift Card.


Content can consist of text, links, photos, graphics, GIF animations and combinations of text, links and visual expressions.

On request Dappre creates content at a rate of € 41 per content item (incl. traffic, handling and publication, ex VAT).A content item will remain in production for at least a week, but can also remain in production for a longer period of time if desired, without additional costs for up to 5,000 viewers. Above that, a Cost per View (CPV) is due.

Content items are placed behind your own card. Moreover, the content is available behind the neutral 'Offer' button at the bottom of Dappre's screen.

Tailor-made advice and inspiration

A team of experts at Dappre is happy to work on a project basis with organisations that want to develop additional functionality for their target groups.

An example is the creation of the 'Virtual Club Card', with which clubs can communicate with their members. They can even sell advertising space behind their club card to local suppliers. All this without the need for contact details of their members.

Another example is eVouchers, where each eVoucher can be provided with a unique code so that it can only be redeemed once.

We like to inspire and inform you and your organisation, so that everyone can discover the possibilities and potential of Dappre.



Get more value from a gift card with the Dappre eVoucher Service

In collaboration with one of the largest media agencies in the world, Dappre has developed a new proposition: the Dappre eVoucher Service. The Dappre eVoucher Service facilitates a display campaign on 'high traffic' websites, such as, or, giving consumers the opportunity to exchange their 'general gift card' with an added value to an eVoucher of your organisation or brand. For example, the VVV Gift Card of € 25 becomes an eVoucher of € 30 from your organisation. Or a Restaurant Gift Card of € 25 will be converted into an eVoucher of your restaurant of € 25 with a free bottle of house wine when spending € 75.

What does the campaign look like?
A banner will be placed on 'high traffic' websites, with a carousel of participating organisations. On the left side one general gift card and on the right side one, two or three organisations offering an interesting eVoucher. The offer of the eVoucher can be filled in by the organisation itself, as well as the 'conditions' (duration, minimum spending value, etc.). The exchange takes place exclusively within the Dappre web environment (use of the Dappre app is not necessary).

Consumers receive their digital eVoucher by email. They can then save their eVoucher in Dappre.

Try it now! (Dutch)

Use the 'Add to Dappre' button

Your customers and fans add your card to Dappre with just one tap on the Add to Dappre button. The card, including the card number and possibly the PIN code, is immediately inserted in Dappre. The Add to Dappre button can easily be included in a personal email or published on your website or on social media.

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