Privacy friendly 1‑on‑1 relations between consumers and organisations

Add your loyalty card and your gift card to Dappre

Reach 400,000 Dutch consumers

Dappre is the groundbreaking cards app that offers consumers convenience and benefits while respecting their privacy. By 2020, we will be breaking through the 400,000 user barrier in the Netherlands. In order to achieve this goal, we are working together with strategic partners, including VVV Nederland.

Increase sales and reduce
advertising costs

Improve efficiency

Add your loyalty card and gift card to Dappre and:

  • Attract new customers to your store and webshop
  • Make customers happy with relevant offers
  • Combine card and voucher usage with location to measure the ROI of your campaign

Participate in wide-ranging actions

As an advertiser you want to reduce the costs of online advertising and increase the return on investment (ROI). Dappre makes it possible to set up joint promotions, in which the advertising costs are shared. These actions lead to more visitors, higher turnover and satisfied customers!

extra functionality

Gift card

extra functionality

Loyalty card

Your card as a logical starting point for a 1‑on‑1 relationship with your target groups

As soon as consumers add your card to their Dappre app, unique commercial opportunities arise for you as a card issuer.

Consumers appreciate the smart and convenient services behind the card and are encouraged to start with your customer or gift card and actively use it.

You have the possibility to develop your own service and revenue models behind your own card.

Offer your card in Dappre today

Dappre has certified connections with the transaction processors Intersolve, 123TCS and Blackhawk Network, so we can add your gift card to Dappre safely and quickly to make the card 'smart'. Gift cards are thus brought to the attention of your target group on a daily basis, including the current balance, transaction overview, locations and - if desired - your own content behind the card.

Intersolve 123TCS Blackhawk Network

Add your card now

Your ads in Dappre

With respect for the user's privacy

Your ads are visible behind your own loyalty and/or gift card(s) and behind cards of which you are an acceptor, such as VVV Gift Card. In addition, your ad will be visible in the general content overview.


Display your ads for 3 months for as little as € 375 (ex VAT), including editing and handling content, approval and publishing and including an evaluation report with measurement data!

For more information you can reach us at 020 - 799 76 14 or send an email to

Tailor-made advice and inspiration

A team of experts at Dappre is happy to work on a project basis with organisations that want to develop additional functionality for their target groups.

An example is the implementation of the 'Virtual Assistant', who is able to give everyone personal attention on the basis of anonymous profile information. Another example is vouchers, in which each (digital) voucher can be provided with a unique code, so that it can only be used once.

We like to inspire and inform you and your organisation, so that everyone can discover the possibilities and potential of Dappre.


Use the 'Add to Dappre' button

Your customers add their card to Dappre with just one tap on the Add to Dappre button. The card, including the card number and possibly the PIN code, is immediately inserted in Dappre. The Add to Dappre button can easily be included in a personal email or published behind a login on an account page.

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