Invest in Dappre

Invest in Dappre. Invest in your privacy and make money on your data.

Dappre not only offers people ‘convenience and benefit’, but also gives them control over their personal data and even the chance to earn money by sharing an anonymous profile, preferences and wishes. For organisations, Dappre offers the chance of new and loyal customers at lower costs. With Dappre, organisations can get in touch 1-on-1 with consumers who have given their consent.

Dappre B.V. enters the stock market!

Dappre B.V. is looking for capital to grow faster and thus realise its ambitions. Dappre does this by attracting capital via the Nxchange stock exchange. Nxchange is an online trading platform where Dappre depositary receipts for shares can be purchased and traded; a combination of crowdfunding and stock exchange, but then a stock exchange that is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Anyone can join in! Investments start from 450 euro, whereby the depositary receipts for shares remain tradable on the Nxchange trading platform.

We invite everyone who is interested in Dappre and supports the mission and vision of Dappre to invest. Before you do that: inform yourself well and think carefully about it, because there are risks involved in investing. There is an information memorandum and much more information available at


Dappre has chosen the online trading platform Nxchange because:

  • Dappre wants to be less dependent on traditional financial service providers;
  • We want to be able to keep in touch with our investors and let them think along about the developments within Dappre;
  • We think it is important that our shareholders can trade depositary receipts in a secondary market where safety and transparency are guaranteed by Nxchange.

A maximum of 100,000 new depositary receipts for shares in Dappre B.V. will be issued as part of this issue, representing an expansion of up to 10% of the capital.

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Dappre wants to offer people daily convenience and benefits and give them control over their data based on the Qiy Trust Principles.

Dappre creates value for organisations by offering them a reliable, secure and relevant communication channel.


Trust in the digital world is a prerequisite for sustainable socio-economic development.

Controlling your own data and actions - in accordance with human values and norms - is the basic principle.