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Invest in Dappre. Invest in your privacy and earn from your data

Users of the Dappre app have the choice to build an anonymous profile (personal characteristics, preferences, wishes, location), without personal data. In addition, they themselves indicate whether and from whom they wish to receive messages, for what purpose, for how long and whether and with whom profile information may be shared. Of course, the user can also choose to share personal data in certain situations, if this is necessary to obtain a service or a product. The user is therefore in control of his own data. Data exchange takes place in a safe and reliable manner via Dappre and the underlying network of services, which is based on Qiy Trust Principles .

Dappre is a network of services that offers organisations the possibility to contact consumers individually in a new -anonymous yet trusted- way

Dappre gives organisations the opportunity to acquire new and loyal customers at lower costs. With Dappre, organisations can come into contact with consumers 1-on-1, with their consent. Behind their loyalty card, gift card or e-voucher they can offer content. Content can for example consist of practical information such as opening hours, locations, ‘latest news’ messages, but also commercial offers, such as a product advertisement, or a last minute offer for a theatre performance. Anonymous profile and location data is used, but only if the user has permitted this. This makes offers that have been distributed in this way relevant and desired, and therefore much more effective than aggressive push messages.

Dappre B.V. combines ‘social impact’ with a healthy revenue model

The Dappre revenue model is fed by organisations that use Dappre for the 1-on-1 connection with their target group, by claiming their ‘card’ and adding services to it. In addition, Dappre earns money from the advertisements that are placed and from the sales that occur from them. Since its foundation in August 2018, Dappre has already experienced considerable growth, partly due to its strategic partnership with launching partner VVV Nederland. Connected retailers help Dappre to grow faster by referring their customers to Dappre. In doing so, they make Dappre valuable for themselves as a channel of communication with their customers: #findusondappre.

Strategic collaboration

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Financial Information

Users form the basis of Dappre’s earnings model. Building volume therefore has the highest priority. We do this together with strategic partners.

The focus in 2020 is on:

  • Connecting strategic partners, especially large retailers in the Netherlands.
  • Via partners rapid growth in the number of users (target 350,000).
  • Generating a sufficient number of advertisers.

More information can be found in the Investors Deck. This is available on request. Send an email to and you will receive the deck by email as soon as possible. Comprehensive financial information, including Information Memorandum and recent Annual Accounts, is available after signing an NDA.

“By adding your VVV Gift Card to the Dappre app, you will immediately have the current balance available, discover which shops and/or webshops you can go to and find fun or inexpensive spending tips... This is truly unique.”

Erwin de Zeeuw
Director Giftcards VVV Netherlands in De Ondernemer, 28-08-2019

“I believe that customers do not provide their data, but only give temporary access to it. Retailers suffer from a collecting rage when it comes to data. Customers actually have to own the data themselves and sometimes lend it out for money.”

Ronald van Zetten
co-brand owner V&D, former top executive Hema in

Video is in Dutch.


Dappre wants to offer people daily convenience and benefits and give them control over their data based on the Qiy Trust Principles.

Dappre creates value for organisations by offering them a reliable, secure and relevant communication channel.


Trust in the digital world is a prerequisite for sustainable socio-economic development.

Controlling your own data and actions - in accordance with human values and norms - is the basic principle.