Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dappre?

Dappre is an app for your smartphone, it allows you to make 1-on-1 connections with people and organisations. Dappre gives you the power to decide who knows what about you.

1-on-1 Connections

You and your 1-on-1 connections can subscribe to each other’s data. This is done in the form of cards that contain sets of data. Data like an address and phone number for example. If a connection updates the number, the card from your connection will automatically be updated on your phone. We call this “Live Cards”. You don’t have to do a thing, except manage your own data.

And when you decide a connection should no longer be able to see your data you simply break the connection.

Anonymous 1-on-1 Connections

When you connect with an organisations, by default, you only share your Anonymous card. You can always decide to share more later.


Need to send a message or image to a Connection? Dappre allows you to send end-to-end encrypted messages and images.


We also got group chats covered. We call this Tribes. When you create a Tribe you become the Chief. As a Chief you are in complete control of who is allowed to join your Tribe. A single Tribe can have multiple Channels. It’s up to you how to organize your Tribe. For example a Tribe for your organisation can have multiple Channels representing the different departments.

Is Dappre for free?


What are the Qiy Trust Principles?

The Qiy Trust Principles define your rights when you are using a Qiy based App like Dappre to exchange data with others. All parties who provide Qiy based services must adhere to these rules.

Read more about the Qiy Trust Principles.

Where is my data stored?

This can get pretty technical, but here it goes:

  • Your Qiy Node (this is where all the magic happens) is stored on servers of DigitalMe in KPN data centers in the Netherlands.
  • To access your Qiy Node an access code is saved in the keychain of your device.
  • The data on your card is stored on DigitalMe servers.
  • Lastly: for offline use, a local copy of the cards from your connections is stored on your device.

What’s the difference with a system like LinkedIn?

Networks like LinkedIn are a relief, but only on an individual level. These systems are not much of a help finding the right contact people within an organisation.

Besides this, information on LinkedIn is often not up-to-date and not easy to verify. And from an international perspective, LinkedIn as a platform is not embraced worldwide.

What is the revenue model of Dappre?

Dappre is free for individuals, organisations pay a fee for a service called DappreConnect. This service allows them to create a verified contact card.

Individuals can allow organisations to subscribe to only the data they want to share. Data is shared based on the individuals own terms: Qiy Trust Principles.

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