Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dappre?

Dappre is a card app that respects your privacy. Convenient, easy to use and without having to create an account!

Dappre adds useful information to many cards, such as an overview of connected (web)shops, relevant offers and for cards with a value even the current balance and a transaction overview.

Cards are the starting point of a reliable and relevant connection between you and your relations. With Dappre you decide which information you share with others.

Is Dappre for free?


What are the Qiy Trust Principles?

The Qiy Trust Principles define your rights when you are using a Qiy based App like Dappre to exchange data with others. All parties who provide Qiy based services must adhere to these rules.

Read more about the Qiy Trust Principles.

Where is my data stored?

The encrypted data of your cards in Dappre are stored in KPN datacenters in the Netherlands, with a copy on your phone.

What is the revenue model of Dappre?

Dappre is free for individuals.

Companies pay to add their gift cards to Dappre and make them smart. They also pay for placing offers and information behind a card.

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