What is Dappre?

Dappre is an app for your smartphone, it allows you to make 1-on-1 connections with people and organisations. Dappre gives you the power to decide who knows what about you.

1-on-1 Connections

You and your 1-on-1 connections can subscribe to each other’s data. This is done in the form of cards that contain sets of data. Data like an address and phone number for example. If a connection updates the number, the card from your connection will automatically be updated on your phone. We call this “Live Cards”. You don’t have to do a thing, except manage your own data.

And when you decide a connection should no longer be able to see your data you simply break the connection.

Anonymous 1-on-1 Connections

When you connect with an organisations, by default, you only share your Anonymous card. You can always decide to share more later.


Need to send a message or image to a Connection? Dappre allows you to send end-to-end encrypted messages and images.


We also got group chats covered. We call this Tribes. When you create a Tribe you become the Chief. As a Chief you are in complete control of who is allowed to join your Tribe. A single Tribe can have multiple Channels. It’s up to you how to organize your Tribe. For example a Tribe for your organisation can have multiple Channels representing the different departments.

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